Ghost Trains feature in October's Acoustic Magazine

Ghost Trains feature in October's Acoustic Magazine

'This is not a record for background to the housework;
the attention it demands is rewarded with levels of
intelligence and depth that are missing from so much
modern popular music. It is that rarity – a mature
collection for an audience who thinks about what
it hears.
Catch Ghost Trains live in the UK before America and
the world claim them.'

- Andy Hughes, writer for Acoustic Magazine
October 2012
'Astonishing songs' - BBC Music

'Hugely impressive' - Genevieve Tudor, BBC Folk

'Soulful Bohemia' - The Evening Sentinel

'Stunning' - The Rock Times (Germany)

'Delicious sixties-inspired folk rock' - Rootstime (Belgium)

'The acoustic Beatles!' - Channel 6 (Russian TV)

'Ghost Trains successfully blend the UK and American styles as well as combining mainstream light rock with traditional folk. The balance is extraordinary.'

- David Hintz, Folkworld Magazine

Acoustic Magazine: excerpt from their full page Ghost Trains feature
(June 2011 – written by Andy Hughes)

Ghost Trains have a sound that bridges the gap between Nick Drake and Crowded House, with the melancholy spirit of one and the delicate guitar mastery of the other....Tim’s melodic and lyrical constructions travel various, always unique paths as they unravel. Ghost Trains have used the wonders of the Internet to spread their music to a massive and constantly growing audience. All that remains is for a record label to distribute their songs so that they can reach the potential fan base that their beautiful, delicate, melancholy sound so richly deserves
Acoustic Magazine: excerpt from their review of The Acoustic Festival of Britain 2010
(October 2010 – written by Andy Hughes)

The Acoustic Festival of Great Britain is a chance to see old favorites like Levellers and acoustic legend Donovan: but for me, the highlight was Ghost Trains – you read about them here first. SEE THE FEATURE! 

FATEA Magazine Review of 'Jack & Sunshine' (March 2012)

"Jack & Sunshine" must surely cement Ghost Trains' position as one of the finest proponents of Anglicised Americana out there performing. Hopefully this, their third album will also provide them with the recognition their songwriting and performance deserve. It never ceases to amaze me that a band like this can sell out tours of Russia and yet barely get arrested in part of their own country. There is something very natural about this album, it strikes a chord because it's easy to relate to, feels like it's something that's part of your collective knowledge.

The Evening Sentinel’s review of Sniffing Round L.A.
(February 2011 – written by Lindsey Oliver)

Staffordshire acoustic duo Ghost Trains release their second album Sniffing Round L.A. mere months after their debut Where Lovers Die. Independent in every sense of the word, Ghost Trains are riding a wave of creativity having won a cult following with their soulful bohemian sound. Opening song Michael Caine focuses the album in the gutter of the city of angels and begins the albums’ journey ever skyward. Tim Ellis’s lyrics are thoughtful, sung with a variable sense of emotion and the acoustic guitar melodies are executed so masterfully that they are truly worthy of getting lost within. 9/10.

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