LIVE IN 2015
5/1/15 Moorlands FM interview and live tunes
23/1/15 The Smithfield, Hanley
12/2/15 Clash Bar, London
15/2/15 6Towns Radio, interview and live tunes
9/3/15 Moorlands FM, interview and live tunes
17/3/15 Boughey Arms, Audley (acoustic night - Tim & Joe)
1/4/15 Greenhoffs, Stoke (acoustic night - Tim & Joe)
19/4/15 Party in the Park, Hanley Park, 3.30pm
26/4/14 All FM interview and live tunes
28/4/15 The Shed, Leicester
4/5/15 Lymelight Festival, Newcastle-u-Lyme, 1.15pm
5/5/15 The Boughey Arms, Audley (acoustic night)
7/5/15 The Sandbrook Vaults, Market Drayton
8/5/15 The Wharf, Macclesfield
24/5/15 Rock 'n' Bowl Festival, Market Drayton, 3.30pm
26/5/15 The Glebe, Stoke
13/6/15 The Full Moon, Newcastle-u-Lyme
17/6/15 The Brown Jug, Newcastle-u-Lyme
19/6/15 The Smithfield, Hanley
20/6/15 The Foxlowe, Leek
21/6/15 The White Bear, Middlewich 1pm
27/6/15 The Swan Inn, Stone
15/7/15 Parr Street Acoustic Sessions, Liverpool
6/8/16 The Earl Grey, Leek
22/8/15 Fordfest, Market Drayton
28/8/15 Regfest, Dovedale

11/9/15 The Full Moon, Newcastle-u-Lyme 
14/9/15 Moorlands FM interview and live tunes 
15/9/15 6 Towns Radio 
25/9/15 The Exchange, Hanley 
27/9/15 The Sandbrook Vaults, Market Drayton 
2/10/15 Private Wedding Gig 
13-18/10/15 European Tour (Tim) with The Anatomy of Frank
20/10/15 The Glebe, Stoke 
6/11/15 The Roebuck, Leek

Gig History
LIVE IN 2014
13/1/14 Moorlands Fm
31/1/14 The Exchange, Hanley
22/2/14 The Roebuck, Leek
4/3/14 The Glebe, Stoke
30/3/14 4-6pm Live on 6 Towns Radio
30/3/14 The Old Brown Jug, Newcastle-u-Lyme
26/5/14 Rock 'n' Bowl Festival, Market Drayton
15/6/14 The White Bear - Middlewich Festival 2pm
23/7/14 The Biddulph Arms, Biddulph
30/7/14 The Shroppie Fly, Audlem (Tim & Joe duo)
2/8/14 The Foxlowe, Leek - Tim solo 6.30pm
25/8/14 Newcastle-u-Lyme Festival 3.45 pm
25/8/14 The Lord Combermere, Audlem 9pm
27/8/14 Jim McShee Show, 6 Towns Radio, Tim doing interview and live songs
30/8/14 'Folk in a box' Hanley bus station 2.45pm (
31/8/14 Radicals Rising, 6 Towns Radio, 4pm (
31/8/14 ALL FM Radio interview and live tracks 11pm (
6/9/14 FordFest, Fordhall Organic Farm, Market Drayton 7.45pm
16/9/14 The Glebe, Stoke 9pm
20/9/14 'Regfest', Dovedale 8pm
29/9/14 Moorlands FM Radio interview and live tracks 7-9pm (
15/10/14 Parr Street Acoustic Sessions, Liverpool
26/10/14 Band on the Wall, Manchester 9pm
2/11/14 Market Drayton Community Arts Festival, Market Drayton Library

European Tour 2014
10/11/14 Das Herborn, Herborn, Germany
11/11/14 Wirtshaus Frauental, Biedenkopf, Germany
12/11/14 Zur Linde, Unnersdorf, Germany
13/11/14 Aris Bouwens Museum, Noord Scharwoude, Holland
14/11/14 Backstage Café/Radio 501, Hoorn, Holland
15/11/14 Tim (solo) Sonnevanck, Hoorn, Holland
16/11/14 Tim (solo) Loft der Zotheid, Hoorn, Holland

28/11/14 Old Brown Jug, Newcastle-u-Lyme
29/11/14 The Wharf, Macclesfield 9pm
9/12/14 The Crown, Market Drayton
17/12/14 The Boughey Arms, Audley

LIVE IN 2013
11/1/13 Swan With Two Necks, Macclesfield
23/2/13 The Old Brown Jug 'Winterfest', Newcastle-u-Lyme
3/3/13 Band On The Wall - Sunday Sessions, Manchester
5/3/13 The Glebe, Stoke
9/3/13 The Sugarmill, Hanley
17/3/13 BBC Sunday Folk with Genevieve Tudor (from 6pm)

EUROPEAN TOUR (supported by Kyle Woolard from The Anatomy Of Frank)
29/3/13 Edam, Holland
30/3/13 House Gig, Maarssen, Holland
31/3/13 Oosterleeker Church, Oosterleek, Holland
1/4/13 Boat Gig, Amsterdam, Holland
2/4/13 Barbara's House Gig, Cologne, Germany
3/4/13 'Zur Luise', Biedenkopf, Germany
4/4/13 The 'Erbse', Dillenberg, Germany
5/4/13 'ArtJamming', Freiburg, Germany
6/4/13 'Davidseck', Basel, Switzerland
7/4/13 Jan's House Gig, Leipzig, Germany

14/4/13 Brian Player Live Radio Gig 2-5pm
14/4/13 Decorum Radio 6pm
19/4/13 MND Chairity Gig, John Fretwell Centre, Mansfield
4/5/13 Lymelight Festival, Newcastle-u-Lyme
5/5/13 Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek
6/5/13 Moorlands Music 103.7FM ( Interview and Live Tracks

10/5/13 Ex 'n' Pop, Berlin
11/5/13 Hasenschaukel, Hamburg
12/5/13 Barbara's House Gig, Cologne
13/5/13 Kulturhof, Langenzenn
14/5/13 Torwart, Weissenburg
15/5/13 Wilhemspalais, Stuttgart
16/5/13 Kneipe 7180, Crailsheim
17/5/13 Zur Linde, Unnersdorf
18/5/13 Klangfest, Munich

26/5/13 Rock 'n' Bowl Festival, Market Drayton
30/5/13 The Workshop (downstairs at The Roadtrip) London
16/6/13 Radicals Rising Radio Show (6Towns Radio) for interview & live tunes 4.30pm
22/6/13 Stroud Sub Rooms Americana Festival
6/7/13 Sugarmill, Hanley
12/7/13 Full Moon, Newcastle-u-Lyme
9/8/13 BattFest Festival Kent (
25/8/13 The Roebuck Inn, Leek
3/9/13 The Glebe, Stoke
14/9/13 Regfest, Thorpe Mill Farm DE6 2AY
13/10/13 The Forum, Sheffield
22/11/13 The Beltane Bar, Buxton
23/11/13 Amsterdam
24/11/13 Amsterdam
30/11/13 Bad Edit, Burslem
12/12/13 The Full Moon, Newcastle-under-Lyme

LIVE IN 2012
30/1/12 Moorlands Music 103.7FM Live Session
17/2/12 The Full Moon, Newcastle-u-Lyme
4/3/12 ALL FM 96.9 Radio Interview and Live Tracks
14/3/12 The Old Brown Jug, Newcastle-u-Lyme
31/3/12 Kelly's Dispensary, Liverpool
6/4/12 BBC Radio Stoke with Rob Adcock
8/4/12 Fat Cats, Hanley, Stoke on Trent
6/5/12 BBC Folk Radio 96 FM with Genevieve Tudor
2/7/12 Redshift Radio ( Interview and Live Songs 9pm

EUROPEAN TOUR (supported by Kyle Woolard from The Anatomy Of Frank)
8/9/12 Newusb Festival, Honigfabrik, Hamburg, Germany
9/9/12 Private House Gig, Cologne, Germany
10/9/12 Private House Gig, Bitburg, Germany
12/9/12 Private House Gig, Basel, Switzerland
13/9/12 Zur Luise, Biedenkopf, Germany
14/9/12 Barista Cafe Njoy, Den Helder, Netherlands
15/9/12 Oosterleker Kerk, Oosterleek, Netherlands
16/9/12 Private House Gig, Amsterdam, Netherlands
21/9/12 Private House Gig, Colchester, UK
22/9/12 Fat Cats, Hanley (Tim Solo), UK
23/9/12 Private House Gig, Telford, UK

24/9/12 Moorlands Fm Interview and Live Songs
28/9/12 The Wharf, Macclesfield (Tim & Jack), UK
29/9/12 Private House Gig, Hampshire, UK
5/10/12 The Full Moon, Newcastle-u-Lyme, FREE ENTRY Acoustic Night
12/10/12 6pm Waterstones, Lancaster
12/10/12 8pm The Robert Gillow, Lancaster
17/10/12 9.30pm The Old Brown Jug, Newcastle-u-Lyme
25/10/12 The Glebe (Tim Solo), Stoke
28/10/12 Boxjam, Crewe
9/11/12 The Robert Gillow, Lancaster
12/11/12 Stoke Sounds Radio Show
17/11/12 The Full Moon, Newcastle-u-Lyme (Supporting Mark Morriss from The Bluetones)
30/11/12 The Wharf, Macclesfield
14/12/12 Private Birthday Party, Willaston
15/12/12 Inca Cafe, Macclesfield

LIVE IN 2011
14/01 The County Bar, Chesterfield
28/01 Bad Apple Unplugged, Staffordshire
29/01 Twenty Ten, Matlock
25/02 Tavern Theatre, Blackpool
26/02 Blackheath Concert Hall , London
04/03 Woodman Folk Club, Dudley
07/03 Moorlands Music103.7FM Ghost Trains 3-hour Special

30/03 Bumbamara, Riga LATVIA
31/03 Dreadnought Kaliningrad RUSSIA
01/04 Masterskaya Moscow RUSSIA
02/04 Club Cha Ku, Kaluga RUSSIA
03/04 House Of Music, Kaluga RUSSIA
04/04  Route 66, Samara RUSSIA
05/04 Jazz Club, Ufa  RUSSIA
06/04 Old Park, Ryazan RUSSIA
07/04 Folk Radio Live, St. Petersburg RUSSIA
07/04 Fabric Nouvelle, St. Petersbourg  RUSSIA
08/04 DomAzh Jazz Club, Tver RUSSIA
09/04 City Theatre, Dubna RUSSIA
09/04 37ACE! Dubna, RUSSIA
10/04 Vinil Club, Voronezh RUSSIA

13/05 Twenty Ten, Matlock
16/05 6 Towns Radio Live (, Stoke On Trent
21/05 The Acoustic Festival of Britain, Uttoxetter, Staffordshire (with Steve Harley)
27/05 Fat Cats, Stoke
28/05 Barefoot In Babylon Festival, Blackpool
30/05 Moorlands Music FM Live
18/06 Barnaby Festival, Macclesfield
19/06 BBC Folk Show

15/07 Cafe Concerto, Vienna, Austria
16/07 Club Trnava, Trnava, Slovakia
18/07 Ostrava TV, Ostrava, Czech Repulbic
19/07 Radio Prosvet, Brno, Czech Republic
19/07 Stara Pekarna, Brno, Czech Republic
21/07 Club Andante, Szolnok, Hungary
23/07 Bitfest, Bitola, Macedonia

15/08 The Full Moon, Newcastle-u-Lyme
27/08 Mychoone Festival (with The Bluetones)
28/08 Mychoone Festival (with Republica)

LIVE IN 2010
12/04 Harrys Bar, Stoke On Trent
17/04 Odder Bar, Manchester
03/05 Moorlands Music Live, Staffordshire Moorlands
22/05 The Acoustic Festival Of Britain, Uttoxetter, Staffordshire (with Donovan)
20/06 BBC Radio Folk Session with Genevieve Tudor
09/07 Gallery Cafe, Bethnal Green, London
14/07 ALL FM 96.9 Ghost Trains Special Live Radio Show Manchester
16/07 Moho Manchester (supporting Young Rebel Set)
23/07 Nick Drake Gathering, Tanworth-In-Arden
24/07 Nick Drake Gathering, Tanworth-In-Arden
30/07 Black Bull, Bolsover (supporting The Bluetones)
31/07 Windstock Festival, Macclesfield
25/08 De Bees Music Bar, Winsford

02/09 The Viper Room, Hollywood, California
04/09 Eye & Sound Salon, Tujunga, California
06/09 The Mint, Los Angeles, California

10/09 Night & Day Café, Manchester
12/09 Oddest Bar, Manchester
17/09 Full Moon, Newcastle-u-Lyme
02/10 The Baths Hotel, Macclesfield
03/10 The County Bar, Chesterfield
13/11 Black Bull, Bolsover
23/11 Icarus Club, London
11/12 Ace Of Clubs, Bolsover (supporting Dodgy)
27/12 Full Moon, Newcastle Under Lyme


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